Children’s Parties are better with a mobile disco.


Village hall’s are the best place for Children’s parties with a mobile disco. There is usually loads of space for the children to run about and have lots of great fun and enjoy playing disco games, a kitchen so you can provide your own catering on site and they are the safest places to have your child’s mobile disco. Village hall’s are a lot better venue for a children’s disco than a pub or your own home which can be dangerous and more costly if the children where to break something. Our children’s discos are much cheaper than booking a clown or magician and all the children can join in and have fun at the disco. Mobile DJ. eu play games with the  younger children to break the ice and then get them involve in party dances followed by a disco to completely wear the children out. Be assured all the children will leave with smiles on their faces wanting a disco for their next party. The Bilton village Hall near Kingston upon Hull was a fantastic venue for any party, the hall was very large with a stage area perfect for any mobile disco, a great kitchen with lots of appliances anyone could use, amply parking and polite staff. For this two hour six year old’s children’s party we played pass the parcel (parcel and prizes all included.) , musical statues, music bumps, music chairs and limbo dancing  by that time there was only fifteen minutes left for a disco, the kids dancing was amazing as you will see in the video below. All the kids brought home fantastic prizes from the disco games which where toys and sweets. Please book mobile DJ. eu for your child’s next birthday party. We are experienced in providing mobile discos for all ages around HullEast Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

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